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My name is Carley and I am a lifestyle photographer from Calgary Alberta, focused on capturing the authentic and soulful moments. I have always had a passion for taking photos and love to shoot the real and raw of my clients that can go uncaptured.

Lynnwood Photography was founded in June 2020 after years of contemplation and much encouragement. Ever since before I can remember, my camera has been a staple in my bag - where I go, she goes! I enjoy taking photos of my friends, family, pets, landscapes, travel, flowers... pretty much anything and everything. I  have recently upgraded to my dream camera and now shoot with a Canon 5D MARK IV (drool). 

When I was 17, I started working at Black's Photography selling cameras and developing photos. While working there, I learned about lighting, colour theory, composition, and how to connect with clients. Growing up, I loved looking at old pictures from my Mum's old floral cardboard photo box. Getting lost in the photographs and reacquainting myself with past memories is a type of nostalgia unlike any other. 


My mission is to offer attainable and organic photoshoots for my clients. We all deserve to have our memories documented; after all, your photos are part of your legacy. Natural light is my partner in crime for capturing the genuine essence of a session... moody blue hour photos are my favourite! My methods vary from shoot to shoot because everyone's journey is unique to their style and vibe. I want to resonate with my clients as much as possible in order to capture their story. 

Seeing my clients come to life in front of the camera and watching authentic moments unfold in a session is truly magical. I feel honoured to be entrusted to capture moments that are ever-fleeting. Whether it's a maternity session or a family refresh, I would love to be part of your journey. 

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